Action Trumps Everything

From September to December of this year I coached 104 women. For free.

(This is not an advisable practice for the record, and I’ll likely never do it again. No matter how much fun I had…But that is a different post.).

The ties that bind these 104 women, or at the very least 50% of them?

They aren’t doing THE WORK. At all.

Sure, they have hung their shingle on facebook by creating a group with massive engagement that makes tiny ponies rain from the sky, and their people hang on every word.

They’ve hosted a webinar (or two) about how their coaching methodology with a fancy name can change the world, here’s how YOU can learn it.

They’ve done b-school with Marie Forleo and by done I mean they bought it. And it sits unlearned in a membership site, collecting dust and feeding marketing tips to virtual mice.

They’ve attempted to learn how to write copy and inhaled The Middle Finger Project, you can tell by their constant retweets of her brilliance. (Which by the by, is totally valid.)

They’ve listened to podcasts, bought at least 10 courses (all which go the way of b-school), spend hours a day marketing to facebook groups where everyone is selling to everyone else.

They’ve vision boarded, and desire mapped with Danielle LaPorte (by the way, you should still TOTALLY do that). They’ve goal set, intention set, chanted mantras, and breathed in their vision through various gurus and programs.

They’ve created a website with an about page and a ‘you can work with me if you beg me’ page. Or maybe they haven’t but ‘certainly are working on it’.

They’ve paid thousands, sometimes 10s of thousands of dollars on coaching, from people who have never had a business other than coaching. Despite the fact that their business is selling widgets, knicknacks, and homemade chapstick infused with the loving energy of reiki.

AND YET! They haven’t done the work.

The content creation. The opt-in. The product/service creation. The packaging. The marketing. The sales process. The storytelling. The hard, freaking, action-oriented WORK. The work that brings in MOOLA.

The work that makes a HOBBY a BUSINESS.

What runs these businesses in hobby land is a lot of hope. Hope that their dreams will manifest magically into a business.

And while hope may float, a business based on it will SINK.

Successful business owners don’t sit on their laurels and wait patiently for money to fall out of the sky. They create things, then they market them, then they close sales.

End. Of. Story.

Whether you sell coaching, copywriting, guru love cuddling, tea made with posies, or chapstick infused with the loving energy of reiki. That is what it takes.

Because CASHFLOW is what makes a business. Flows in and out. If you don’t have it, you’re not in business.

Action trumps everything. Take action to create cashflow. Then darlin’, you’re in business.

What’s one action you can take today?

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  • “Hire Makenna to speak at your event, if you want your audience to have prompts to look deeper into themselves and the ways of operating that are not serving themselves or the greater good + someone who is honest and real.”

    — Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist
  • “Makenna knows how to orchestrate an event. This was a mother effin symphony. Every detail, every moment, every speaker, (did I mention the massages during check-in?!), filled with intention. I felt so taken care of. This is a mandatory event for my business. I will attend as long as she’s keen on hosting them!”

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