Boundaries or Responding to ‘Picking my Brain’

For the past six months or so, I have started to notice a pattern.  Anytime I post a slightly viral-ish post in a facebook group, I get between 10 and 30 requests to ‘have a conversation’, ‘pick my brain’, ‘ask me about my journey’, ‘get insights into how I did it’. This equates to as many as a HUNDRED a week, and sometimes even DOZENS a day.  They come via tags, via emails, via private messages.

And for a number of months, I kept saying yes.  And yes again.

Talk about an energetic leak.

Thanks to a post I read a couple years back from Marie Forleo, long before I needed it, I have clear boundaries on that notion.  The answer?  Almost unequivocally no.  And no thank you.

Most recently?  I’ve started saying no gracefully.  And in alignment with how I function in the world.

My most recent response?

“I’d LOVE to be able to do that. But the truth is, if I did that for every request I wouldn’t have a business!

I get asked nearly a dozen times a day. unsure emoticon BUT! I answer a lot of questions in the Bliss Brigade (for freesies) and you’re welcome to ask ANY question there and I will likely respond. (It helps because a lot of people have the same questions so I can be more judicious of my time).

I so appreciate you being interested in my journey, it is just time prohibitive for me to chat with folks. Thank you for understanding! It is totally not personal or a reflection of you. I’ve just had to have boundaries with how I spend my time these days.”

The truth is?  I’m writing a book.  I’m managing a retreat property purchase (La Peetch…have you heard of it?).  And I am managing a launch of the Vision Incubator.  I just don’t have time, no matter how MUCH time I want to have.  I just don’t have it.   I’m not busy per se, in a traditional sense.  I just don’t have the energetic space to hold for people who aren’t paying me for time with me.  Full. Stop.

How do YOU respond to requests to pick your brain?

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    — Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist
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