Just say “Yes!” :: A choose your own adventure story

Ever had a moment when you’re at an impasse between ‘to send/launch/ask/apply/’ or ‘not to send/launch/ask/apply’?

In that moment, sweat trickles down your neck. You think you’re ready to hit ‘publish’, or ‘launch’, or ‘tweet’ and you freeze.  Finger hovers over the ‘return’ key.

Your heart races.  “What if this could be THE thing that changes my business?”  “What if this is THE email that will land me that dream job?”  “What if this is THE email that gets me that promotion?”

Paralyzed, you waver.

“Maybe I shouldn’t send it?”
“What if no one buys what I’m selling?”
“What if.  What if.  What if.” Fills your head, your heart.

You know your whole soul is there on that page, and yet you just. Can’t. Do. It.


You have two choices in this moment.  A moment of choose your own adventure.

A)    To be audacious, bust through your fear and hit send/launch/tweet anyway.


B)    Say ‘never mind’ and put away the end product, and say “Maybe some other time”


What choice do you make?

Many of us will choose B, because we’re afraid to let go, to lose control.  That perhaps our email/launch/whathaveyou won’t be well received.

I have news for you.  That moment of indecision?  That moment of utter paralyzing fear?  That is normal.  Utterly and completely normal.

In fact that is your amygdala (the part of your unevolved brain that is still trained for fight or flight) telling you to run far far away.  But what if you could bust your amygdala’s unevolved flight syndrome?

You sure can!

1.  Recognize the fear as your unevolved brain talking to you.

No, seriously.  Try it.  That reaction you’re feeling?  Totally 100% attached to our ‘caveman’ like instincts to hold our ground or run and hide.  In modern times, we don’t need it anymore, so now it rules that strange feeling in your gut.

But just by recognizing it you can dismantle it’s power.


2.  Change the way you see the potential outcome

Consideration for every decision you have to make like this from here on out.

If you pick B (the run away fast answer) you have a 0% chance of success.
0%, no more.  No less.

If you pick A you have an unknown chance of success. But guess what?  It sure as heck is better than 0%.


3.  Let go of control.

We often procrastinate on these actions because we desire to be in control of the outcomes.  So, take a deep breath.

You aren’t in control.  All you can do is hit the button to put your dream out into the world.

The person and/or other people on the other end of your dream?  They are in control of the decision.  But they have to see you, read about you, check your sales page, look at your resume, etc etc to even know if you exist.

So how do you make your dreams come true?  You always, always, always choose A.  You never know what a better than 0% chance might look like.

What can you hit ‘send’ on today?

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