Who You Follow, Friend, and Like Reflects Your Values

Integrity is a tricky thing sometimes.  There is so much desire to grow, expand our incomes, and be of deeper service of the world.

We can have criticism for each other, our practices, etc without it being an AFFRONT to sisterhood. We can have a point of view that varies from that of other coaches without it being violent. We can breathe this air together, without it being the end of the world.

If you can’t be self-reflexive in your leadership, DON’T be a leader.

I don’t care how mean someone else was to you, NEVER ever threaten someone’s physical safety. Just don’t.

I’m done with this. I will no longer keep company with people who threaten others physical sanctity in ANY capacity.

THAT is not leadership. THAT is not kindness. THAT is not wisdom.

LEADERSHIP REQUIRES SELF-WORK. Leadership requires compassion. Leadership requires shutting up sometimes and NOT speaking wild, outlandish, cruel things.

I’m sick of the lack of integrity I am seeing. I am sick of the witch hunts. I am sick of seeing people post about humans who aren’t kind to them, only to say ‘let’s punch them in the face”. I am just so over it.

If you follow someone/are friends with some who talks this way, how does it reflect on YOU? Your integrity? Your business?

We have to start looking in for our own answers, instead of looking out. And we must start treating our online spaces like they are real spaces. Because they are.

Be friends with those who lift you and others up. Stop holding onto people who tear others down, just because ‘they make a lot of money and have things to offer’. Money made out of integrity isn’t money worth having. And having money? Does not a fulfilled, happy human make.

We’re better than this. Prove it.

In solidarity for compassion.

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