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Your Leadership Recipe isn’t about US. It’s about YOU and YOUR movement.

Our clients are movers, shakers, and movement makers.

From CEOs of corporations to international best-selling artists & writers to spiritual teachers with a follower count in the tens of thousands…

Some are just starting out in the world of art or entrepreneurship, while others are corporate changemakers working on transitioning to new jobs, or looking for their next promotion.

They are magically and wildly diverse in interests, backgrounds, and missions. They are people just like you, and entirely different from you.

But they are all LEADERS.

They are all deeply integrous human beings with a deep longing to expand their success while making the world a better place–either for individuals, the communities they lead, or globally. And they are hell-bent on doing so without doing harm to themselves, the well-being of their circles of influence, and the world at large.

And yet, they’re struggling with the HOW…

HOW can they expand their capacity for leadership within their communities and circles of influence OR globally, without saying the wrong thing, sacrificing intimacy, or losing integrity?

They want to grow — financially and otherwise, but they also care deeply about how their expansion will be perceived, who it will affect directly, and how their messaging may or may not be global.

Sound like you? You’re in the right place. That’s where we come in.

Spoiler: We’re the secret weapon behind our clients doing good work without harming themselves or others in the process.


Working with us, our clients experience…

  • Increased revenues by two, three, five, and ten fold within days, weeks, and months of start,
  • A deep sense of peace, an inner knowing that this new way of being allows them to step into their fullest, most potent leadership role,
  • A renewed sense of calm, even IN the storms that business and life throw their way,
  • A deep connection to their mission, vision, and purpose that results in greater ease, flow, and income.

If you can take the heat, get into the kitchen…

We support our clients to become the leaders they truly dream of being, without overstepping boundaries, doing more harm, or accidentally excluding people in need of their help.

Here’s Our Recipe For Integrous Leadership


Inclusion, Diversity and Intersectionality aren’t about ratios and ‘being a good person’.

They matter because if you claim to want to change ’the world’, you best mean impacting as much of that world as humanly possible. We are about doing no harm, stopping the history of marginalization, and elevating people with voices that matter. Not just white, straight voices that matter.


'Give Back’ Campaigns shouldn’t be used as marketing tactics. Full stop.

Especially if said give back campaign focuses your money overseas, in communities you have limited knowledge of. Non-Profits frequently perpetuate colonialism, and unless you absolutely know a longitudinal study of impact? Often do more harm than good.


Stay in Your Lane

Your Leadership Recipe allows you to work on your personal, community, and global leadership while also clearly identifying where your current blind spots are, and stops you from making the kind of missteps that have caused the implosion of other great business minds.


Your Recipe is the Only One That Matters

Sure the greats are worth listening to. But ultimately? You have to (and must) learn to trust your own tastes, desires, and needs. And also, listen to how your community longs to be served.


Leadership is NEVER one size fits all (or even most)

Your Leadership Recipe is a methodology crafted over more than a decade of leadership development and research. It works for teams, corporations, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, and more. How is that possible? Because it isn’t a formula, it isn’t about following steps a-z, or building 12 habits. It’s about diving to the core of your desires, and cultivating how you want to show up in this world.


Being a Leader isn’t only about ‘making money’

Leading a charge, and creating change cannot only be about bringing home the cheddar. It also has to be about how you create and leverage impact. Case in point? There are plenty of billionaires doing interesting work, but how many of them are actually leading? Leadership isn’t about building castles in the sky, it’s about going with the flow, utilizing your skillsets, and doing good work.

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The Founder’s Recipe

Start with a vintage, enameled cast iron Dutch Oven (teal is her favorite).
Then sauté a mirepoix of business acumen, marketing, and strategy; pour in a good bottle of Integral Coaching methodology; add a cup of movement and spirituality; and a hearty handful of feminist theory. Whisk gently. Follow with a sprinkle each of intuition, wry comedy, and truth talking; and finally a dash of Tibetan theories of Emptiness. Place in the shade for two hours on a bright sunshine-y day and VOILA! You’d have Makenna Held.

Makenna is the founder of the Your Leadership Recipe methodology, REAL Marketing, the Courageous Cooking ™ school, and an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. With experience spanning from Academia to Marketing to Non-Profit Work to Entrepreneurship, Makenna is uniquely positioned to support business leaders in carving their unique success path.

Makenna has led classrooms as a favorite professor for multiple years, directed the world’s largest (and most lucrative) online advertising funnel, founded a non-profit in rural Kenya that shattered ideas of how ‘development’ work could be done, and now operates as the CEO of over four different businesses. Really. She’s got a record label, a cooking school, this here leadership training company, in addition to a few other top secret projects brewing.

In addition to an obsession with cooking and world-changing entrepreneurship, Makenna Held holds a master’s degree from NYU in private sector development, and is a PhD candidate in Critical Theory with a ragtag bunch of theorists in Switzerland (her research is on the gendering of food and leadership #pushesupnerdglasses).

She’s been featured in Food & Wine, YFS Magazine, MindBodyGreen, CondeNast Traveler, Vogue Online, and much more.

In 2015 she followed the wild hair of her intuition and managed to purchase (with the help of investors) La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s Former summer home in France. Since then, she has created The Courageous Cooking School at La Pitchoune; The HeartFirst Method–a movement and coaching methodology for leaders based on Integral Coaching methods; and has published her first book The Intention Generation (Which now you can only get by being in her programs).

Makenna uses coaching, live events, speaking, and writing to unpack how we’ve been trained to discredit women leaders (especially those of color) and focus our ‘leadership’ interests on under-qualified, white men in suits who claim false authority as their leadership methodology rather than showing us their capacity to actually lead. Hint: She thinks this is highly problematic.

Makenna splits her time between on the road in the United States in Vera, her VW Bus and of course…La Pitchoune in the South of France. Her traveling companions include her husband — a rock and roll librarian named Chris and her daughter Magnolia.

Curious how we can help you expand your leadership, revenue, and impact?

Apply here & let’s talk

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Applause, Impact, and What They Say ::

  • “Hire Makenna because she’ll bring truth, inspiration and energy into the space, and she’ll activate your audience to ask themselves deeper questions they wouldn’t have thought of to consider.”

    — Ana Kinkela,
  • “She’ll light your audience on fire and inspire them to go out and spark change. She’s passionate, engaging and deeply thoughtful about making the world around her and her audience, a better place.”

    — Ellen Ercolini,
  • “I was intrigued by Makenna’s energy on Facebook. I kept sensing a force pulling me towards learning more about her work and offerings. I immediately loved the way she merged food and creating recipes and ingredients. I was drawn to the ways she spoke about leadership and women. She seemed to have a sense of shifting things, of pushing people to find/expect more nourishment as well as personal growth.”

    — Tracy Brooks,
  • “Makenna’s ease and grace while broaching integral, hot topics, translates to the audience’s ease in soaking in the information and readiness to participate. She’s dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking!”

    — Sarah Silvas,
  • “Her personality, especially when she is in her zone presenting, is magnetic and you just want to listen.”

    — Melissa Gerrior