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Julia Child’s House in Provence Is Now a Cooking School and Yoga Retreat

Now it has changed hands again, bought by Makenna Johnston, a life and vision coach and business consultant. Like Child, she is a graduate of Smith College, and she plans to honor the previous owner’s wishes and continue to operate cooking schools at the home, but she’s adding a cool twist…

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YFS Magazine

Small Business Success Starts With Managing Outcomes

The Internet has made it possible for nearly anyone to start a business, hang their shingle and generate income. Yet, how many products and services in market replicate existing offerings and generate low sales? One of the underlying reasons is that there seems to be a distinct thought process gap between the small business world and that of larger enterprises. It’s called strategic management, or as I’ll call it – managing outcomes…

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Now You Can Rent Julia Child’s Home in Provence

It’s a story line fit for film: A 30-year-old American woman buys Julia Child’s house in the idyllic countryside of Provence on a whim and opens up her own cooking school. But that’s the reality for Makenna Johnston…

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Media Bio

Makenna Held is the founder of the Your Leadership Recipe methodology, REAL Marketing, the Courageous Cooking ™ school, and an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. With experience spanning from Academia to Marketing to Non-Profit Work to Entrepreneurship, Makenna is uniquely positioned to support business leaders in carving their unique success path.

Makenna has led classrooms as a favorite professor for multiple years, directed the world’s largest (and most lucrative) online advertising funnel, founded a non-profit in rural Kenya that shattered ideas of how ‘development’ work could be done, and now operates as the CEO of over four different businesses. Really. She’s got a record label, a cooking school, this here leadership training company, in addition to a few other top secret projects brewing.


Applause, Impact, and What They Say ::

  • “If you are thinking about hiring Makenna: Do it yesterday. She will ask the hard questions and make you answer them. But she’s also assist you through the discomfort of those things.”

    — Monica Prince,
  • “I highly recommend that you run, not walk, towards anything that Makenna offers. Her impeccability, humor, wisdom, and vision combine to create incredibly powerful, practical, and profound experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity for Makenna to help you to grow yourself and your business from the heart of your integrity.”

    — Heather Ash,
  • “I’ve worked with Makenna for a while now (and have no plans to leave her circle) and she has helped me elevate and expand what I believe is possible in my life and my business. Every time I reach a new level (of income or satisfaction) Makenna finds a new angle to explore and expand. I especially enjoy her grounded, non-aggressive style. It’s never about pushing against myself, but rather about asking  “how good can I take it?” and then finding out that things can, in fact, get even better.”

    — Alejandra Ortega, Chief of Making it Happen
  • “She brings an eclectic mix to the stage and will challenge your audience to think bigger.”

    — Megan Hale,
  • “It’s been less than 2 weeks since I had my virtual intensive with Makenna and already my business has shifted dramatically. I’ve implemented new strategies in my life and company, and I really believe my big business vision can come to life–and sooner than I ever expected.

    The biggest shift for me has been the development of a stronger belief that my work is invaluable and that my life and business can support one another. I really appreciate the holistic view Makenna took toward our session, even as a practical, ‘just the facts’ kind of person. Despite my intentions to have a ‘one and done’ day with her, I plan to continue working with Makenna* on my business and my life.”

    *MakJo’s note ::  She signed up for on-going monthly coaching.

    — Mallie Rydzik,
  • “Her presence is powerful and passionate, and has you lean in for more. She’s an impassioned advocate for all things truthful and liberating and connects deeply with her audience.”

    — Keri-Anne Livingstone,
  • “Makenna’s transparency and authenticity in our business calls is refreshing.  Since hiring Makenna, I’ve raised my rates and tripled my income.  Makenna has helped me grow as an entrepreneur and as a person. She’s the holistic coach of my dreams.”

    — Isabelle Rizo