Before we even get started, I want to acknowledge whatever nudge brought you to this page.

You’re here because you have a movement you long to lead. And you know you’re here, on this rock called earth, for that exact purpose. And frankly? You’ve been successful doing it so far. You’ve done the work. You’ve seen some results. But something just isn’t resonating — in your offerings, in your impact, with your community. Something just feels… off.

You’ve done the courses, the coaching programs, and the work and yet you’re still not seeing (or feeling) the global results you’ve been craving.

Well, we want you to know that your appetite, heart, and internet browser are in the right place.

Welcome to Your Leadership Recipe,

the place to be for leaders & entrepreneurs ready to forge their own strategy (a.k.a. recipe) for wild success & meaningful impact.
Here, we help high-achieving leaders release conditioning of ‘what should be done’ and instead craft a unique recipe to increase their reach, create positive and lasting impact, and dramatically boost their income at the same time.

Start now

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Think about this. 

What if you could…
  • double your revenue by simply shifting how you show up online and in-person?
  • reignite your soul’s purpose in your work and quadruple your monthly revenue in just a few short months?
  • add a new product to your line and create more profit in three months than you’ve had in the previous three years combined?
  • shift a key way of being to in order to better serve your team and your community, while also growing your own dreams in the process?
  • give your leadership and personal way of being a chiropractic adjustment (of sorts) to create new resonance in your team, and even get a massive pay raise and/or promotion to boot?

These aren’t hypothetical or rhetorical questions, these are changes we’ve actually created with and for clients.


And that’s exactly what we’ll do together — create lasting, unmistakable, ‘holy monkey I didn’t know life & business could be this good’ change.

The results? You’ll expand your leadership capacity in three key ways (personally, locally, and globally). You’ll increase resonance, congruence, and integrity in your messaging, your impact, and your leadership at large. You’ll fall back in love with your mission and the money you’re attracting as a result.

It’s not magic,
but the results will
feel like it is.

Who We Are

A little bit Chef, a little bit CEO. (a.k.a. Your Chef Operating Officer.)

Your Leadership Recipe was founded by Makenna Held, a been-there, done-that entrepreneur with experience spanning from Academia (leading classrooms as a favorite professor for multiple years), to Marketing (directing the world’s largest (and most lucrative) online advertising funnel), to Non-Profit Work (founding a non-profit in rural Kenya that shattered ideas of how ‘development’ work could be done), to Business Leadership (now operating as the CEO of multiple businesses). Really. She’s got a record label, a cooking school, this here leadership training company, in addition to a few other top secret projects brewing.

Makenna created Your Leadership Recipe because, simply put, she gives a lot of damns and she knows YOU do too. You’re here to make a massive impact, not a messy one. And you deserve to do so without having to follow anyone else’s formulaic path to getting there. Your Leadership Recipe is here to provide you with the resources and support you need to make that happen.

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  • — Sandra Martinez, The Martinez Studio
  • “Anyone looking for clarity around implementing their ideas in a world full of possibilities will benefit from the critical thinking that Makenna exemplifies. I gained so much clarity on the work that I am called to do in this world. There are so many things I could do that I sometimes have a hard time choosing. Not after this. I saw what I needed to let go of to focus on my core message of the power of story to heal the divisions in our own lives and in the world.”

    — Omkari Williams,
  • “Makenna helped inspire me to leave my job and venture out on my own, she led the most transformative live event I have ever attended, and, in working with her, I have shed past layers that I was hiding under – both personally and professionally. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am today without Makenna Held. Also: her voice is like a lullaby :).”

    — Erin P.S. Zimmerman, EZ Visibility
  • “She’s engaging, real, anchors her work in the real world and makes you think. Her passion transcends industry and she challenges you to think deeper and be more responsible in the world.”

    — Ellen Ercolini, The Frequency Method
  • “Makenna takes up space. I love that about her. She’s warm, real, hilarious, and serious when she needs to be. She shares her own inner work and is honest about the work she continues to do. She also pushes you t take up more space of your own- sometimes gently, sometimes unapologetically. Either way, it always feels rooted in love with a anchor in the bigger picture of who you could be and the impact you could be having.”

    — Megan Hale,
  • “Hire Makenna because she’ll bring truth, inspiration and energy into the space, and she’ll activate your audience to ask themselves deeper questions they wouldn’t have thought of to consider.”

    — Ana Kinkela,
  • “Makenna was masterful at bringing many different flavors/styles and perspectives together. Sometimes just watching her was exhausting because she was such a powerhouse! Yet time spent with her was thought provoking and energizing as well. She is so damned smart yet she’s down to earth. Her knack for welcoming and exploring paradoxes and difficult questions was quite amazing. I also found her sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself very refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker that lights up the whole space.”

    — Tracy Brooks,

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