A Friendly Reminder: WE’RE ALL HUMAN

Stop looking up to others to be your sole source of inspiration.

Ask rather, how can I inspire myself?


Stop looking down on those who struggle.

Instead ask, how can I lift them up?


Stop assuming that people are ignoring you when they don’t respond to a message/text/email.

Ask instead, are they ok?


Stop seeing those with 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses as people to aspire to be.

Instead, aspire to be fully you, exactly as you are. Right now.



So go now, and be not a carbon copy of someone else’s best. But rather, be your best version.

As you are. Right now.

Inimitable, passionately, delightfully human.

As we all are.

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Applause, Impact, and What They Say ::

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    — Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist
  • “Makenna knows how to orchestrate an event. This was a mother effin symphony. Every detail, every moment, every speaker, (did I mention the massages during check-in?!), filled with intention. I felt so taken care of. This is a mandatory event for my business. I will attend as long as she’s keen on hosting them!”

    — Lindsay Padilla, Academics Mean Business