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done apologizing human

I’m Done Apologizing for My Human-Ness

Typically speaking, I’m not one to laud the eccentricities of famous folk. I’m more apt to laud the opinions and perceptions of that of the common human. The ones who have very real bills to pay, and fears about where the next dollar will come from. (I find this to be especially important when discussing […]

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we are all human

A Friendly Reminder: WE’RE ALL HUMAN

Stop looking up to others to be your sole source of inspiration. Ask rather, how can I inspire myself?   Stop looking down on those who struggle. Instead ask, how can I lift them up?   Stop assuming that people are ignoring you when they don’t respond to a message/text/email. Ask instead, are they ok? […]

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2014 year in review

For Better or For Worse: A 2014 in review

I’ve never done a year in review post before.  Mostly because…I’ve never had a year to review for my business!  This is officially the first, full year I’ve been around the interwebs as a business strategist and coach.  And the truth is?  I wasn’t planning on doing one. But I figured since 2014 was my […]

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retire busy

Why we should retire the word “Busy”

Every so often, I’ll receive an email from a potential client or a current client that says “I know you are so busy, but…” And you know what?  It drives me absolutely BONKERS. Here’s the thing.  I LOVE getting emails, I just HATE when they start with “sorry I know you’re busy”.  This does three […]

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morning routine ritual

How to Create Your Morning Routine/Ritual

All around the wilds of the interwebs people are touting the awesomeness of a morning routine–how it changed their productivity, made them happier, healthier, and higher functioning humans. The thing is?  They are 100% on point.  It is true.  Routines have a way of defining us.  And starting out your morning right?  100% super key. […]

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