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motivation relinquishing vulnerability

motivation, relinquishing, vulnerability

I find myself in a place, right now, where I have never quite been before.  I am moving, again.  You see that ‘again’ and I imagine you, the reader, to think that if there is an ‘again’ as a qualifier, then perhaps this changes my initial posit of ‘I’ve never quite been here before’.  And […]

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grief and compassion

On Grief, Compassion, and Brewing…

Yesterday the unthinkable happened, and nearly 200 souls were injured physically, 3 left our world, and many more thousands have been scarred emotionally.  Boston was under fire.  Explosions rang through.  Chaos insured. For me it was surreal to imagine the scene in a town I used to call my 2nd home.  A town where I […]

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