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not a solopreneur

You’re Not a ‘Solopreneur’. Stop Saying So

When I started this business a year ago, I called myself a ‘solopreneur’.  In fact, I called myself that until just a few hours ago (as of writing this blog post).  I found the word enticing, the idea that I was the sole business owner, and that I was ‘in it’ on my own.  No more pesky people to manage, no more bosses that micromanaged my time and impeded on my genius.  I was a free to roam ‘solopreneuer’–free to manage my time, travel, and have freedom.  Nothing could stop me now. 

I mean, using it seemed natural.  There are hundreds of people who use it.   Forbes uses it.  There are over 230,000 hits when you google ‘solopreneur’

So despite its popularity, why did I cut ‘solo’ out of all my branding?  My copy?  

Because I’m not a ‘solopreneur’ and you’re not either. 

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shiva energy

Shiva Energy

Today I find myself in a less than cheerful mood, my tendency towards light slowly being overtaken by shadow.  Dark seeps into corners, smiles turn flat. Being a wanderer, both by choice and by marriage means a great deal of excitement.  Constant streams of new friends, old friends left behind, new places to discover, destruction […]

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