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done apologizing human

I’m Done Apologizing for My Human-Ness

Typically speaking, I’m not one to laud the eccentricities of famous folk. I’m more apt to laud the opinions and perceptions of that of the common human. The ones who have very real bills to pay, and fears about where the next dollar will come from. (I find this to be especially important when discussing […]

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honest business evolution

The Honest Evolution of a Business

AKA  “What the BLEEP was she thinking all these years?” See also:  2 years (in this iteration of coach/consultant/mentor), 5 programs, and a GAZILLION pricepoints later….   I started my business in 2013.  It was a rough year for me to be starting, but it was out of necessity.  I had just found out that […]

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2014 year in review

For Better or For Worse: A 2014 in review

I’ve never done a year in review post before.  Mostly because…I’ve never had a year to review for my business!  This is officially the first, full year I’ve been around the interwebs as a business strategist and coach.  And the truth is?  I wasn’t planning on doing one. But I figured since 2014 was my […]

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not a solopreneur

You’re Not a ‘Solopreneur’. Stop Saying So

When I started this business a year ago, I called myself a ‘solopreneur’.  In fact, I called myself that until just a few hours ago (as of writing this blog post).  I found the word enticing, the idea that I was the sole business owner, and that I was ‘in it’ on my own.  No more pesky people to manage, no more bosses that micromanaged my time and impeded on my genius.  I was a free to roam ‘solopreneuer’–free to manage my time, travel, and have freedom.  Nothing could stop me now. 

I mean, using it seemed natural.  There are hundreds of people who use it.   Forbes uses it.  There are over 230,000 hits when you google ‘solopreneur’

So despite its popularity, why did I cut ‘solo’ out of all my branding?  My copy?  

Because I’m not a ‘solopreneur’ and you’re not either. 

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shiva energy

Shiva Energy

Today I find myself in a less than cheerful mood, my tendency towards light slowly being overtaken by shadow.  Dark seeps into corners, smiles turn flat. Being a wanderer, both by choice and by marriage means a great deal of excitement.  Constant streams of new friends, old friends left behind, new places to discover, destruction […]

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