I am pretty dang sick of the prosperity conversations that I see in communities across the book of faces.

The idea gets floated around that we can just ‘have anything we desire’. The idea that simply by ‘attracting’ things we can make money. There is some ‘sure’ to that, but also…You have to understand the systems that these ideologies function within. And if you’re at the top of the heap, you can’t see it. If you’re not, it’s PAINFULLY clear on the daily.

(Please note: I have recently shifted in the privilege ladder, and my life has changed in perceptible ways. And quickly. See also: Holding hands in public with a man rather than a woman. But I digress…)

There are TWO things that affect success: privilege AND capacity. Not passive magic. (That is why I talk all the time about PRACTICAL magic. Because cooking is magic, and alchemy. And so is ‘manifesting’. But manifesting isn’t just a sprinkle of magic and a bit of luck).

Think of it this way….

You can make a Coq au Vin in a million types of pots. BUT! To make the best, easiest expression of this dish (with skills or not) you need a heavy bottomed iron pot. Like…A Fancy, Brand Name Cast Iron. You know, a fancy pot that is expensive, well-lacquered, and well-heeled. It probably was forged at an Ivy League school, and has an MBA.

Now…Can you make Coq au Vin in OTHER pots? SURE! Hell, you can make a Coq au Vin in a pot that is from a less strong metal, with a thinner bottom, and with bent sides but the chances that it will turn out as well as one cooked in an Enameled Cast Iron is not immediately likely. UNLESS the person making the dish is massively capacitated and KNOWS how to work around the lack of privilege that comes with said pot.

Think of PRIVILEGE as the pot you’re given. The way you’re raised. The neighborhood you’re cooked in. The parents who fed you. That’s the pot.

So if you start with a pot that isn’t as well suited for Coq au Vin, to make up for the pot it’s cooked in, you need to have a much better skill set and have worked your butt off to build capacity to be successful in this endeavor.

So YES you can actually make a damn good stew even with a less-than-perfect pot. Maybe even in some ways better than someone with privilege (an Enameled Cast Iron). Why?

Because you’ve built CAPACITY that far outweighs the base that you were given. You’ve worked to do the thing better than someone who just has a damn good starting place.

So if you’ve been given privilege, you frequently need to build less capacity. If you’ve been building capacity, sometimes you need help to circumvent the privilege you’re lacking.

CAPACITY and PRIVILEGE together is a massively winning combo. And that is frequently what makes so many entrepreneurs ‘fast successes’.

Should we look down our noses at people with fancy pots and say “Screw them, I’ll never get there because they have privilege and I don’t”? Nope.

AND we shouldn’t look down our noses at people who start from a less advantageous position and tell them to work harder and they will get there. Or just ‘want it enough’.

It’s just not that effing simple.

This rant brought to you by the letter P. For pots and privileges. And a rainbow of Cast Iron for your enjoyment. [throws glitter]

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