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sell with soul don't bully

Sell with Soul, Don’t be a Bully

DON’T BE A SALES BULLY You don’t need to bully people into buying from you. Your job isn’t to convince them they need you. They may or may not need you.  And you have zero place as a coach or service provider to make that decision for them.  They need to make that decision themselves. […]

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scarcity sucks

Why I Gave Up Scarcity Marketing

Funny story, I almost posted this yesterday.  April 1st.  But this isn’t a joke, so I figured I’d wait.  Timing is everything after all…Carrying on… A few weeks back I wrote a ‘statement’ in my facebook community and made the declaration public in a number of other communities.  I had it.  I was ready.  I was […]

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just say yes

Just say “Yes!” :: A choose your own adventure story

Ever had a moment when you’re at an impasse between ‘to send/launch/ask/apply/’ or ‘not to send/launch/ask/apply’? In that moment, sweat trickles down your neck. You think you’re ready to hit ‘publish’, or ‘launch’, or ‘tweet’ and you freeze.  Finger hovers over the ‘return’ key. Your heart races.  “What if this could be THE thing that […]

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redefining success

Redefining Success :: Is money all there is?

About six months ago, I wrote the title to this post.  Hid it into my ‘draft folder’ and ignored it.  I wrote it after a conversation with a client who nearly threw her phone across the room because she was so sick of being told that she’ll never be ‘successful’ with her business. I asked […]

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scared of failure act anyway

Scared of failure? Act anyway

Well over a decade ago, little Makenna was a junior in high school and was thrilled to high heaven to audition for the ‘fancy pants choir’ that was considered the elite of the elite in high school choir-dom.  It was a long, drawn out process to even audition.  There was the informational meeting that you […]

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morning routine ritual

How to Create Your Morning Routine/Ritual

All around the wilds of the interwebs people are touting the awesomeness of a morning routine–how it changed their productivity, made them happier, healthier, and higher functioning humans. The thing is?  They are 100% on point.  It is true.  Routines have a way of defining us.  And starting out your morning right?  100% super key. […]

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why your business is stuck

It’s not your Abundance Mentality, it’s your Crappy Copy (and 8 other reasons why your business is stuck)

Sometimes, the reason why you’re not making money has nothing to do with your abundance mentality.  Sure, making sure you’re in alignment with abundance, and willing (super duper willing) to accept abundant wealth and happiness matters.  It matters a whole ton.  But it might not be the only reason you’re not selling your services.

This is a common battle cry from coaches:  “You’re not making money because you’re not in alignment with an abundance mentality, it is your money blocks getting you down.” 

Ok. Fine.  This is totally true.  And totally happens.  This was the story of my life last year.  So keep that at heart. 

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