Why 5/6/7 Figure “Strategies” Fail Your Business

In the world of online business, there are any number of courses one can take teaching you various ‘strategies’ for success.

“Learn my 10 strategies for 6 figure success”

“Learn my 3 step formula for 7 Figure Months”

“Learn my unique 15 step funnel formula for wild success”

Ad nauseam.


The problem with all this is?

They aren’t strategies.

They literally are saying they are selling you strategy, and instead selling you tactics.

What’s the difference?

“Post in two Facebook groups a day to increase visibility, because it worked for me.”
That’s a tactic.

“Your goal is to raise visibility?  Well our Facebook group strategy is as follows….Post in 2 Facebook groups a day where your ideal client spends time.  Typically speaking, the posts that receive the most attention meet the following categories
1.  teaching something useful
2.  offering something free to the end user without an opt-in
3.  Free coaching.
This sort of posting frequently can attract as many as 3 ideal clients into your funnel every week.  I’ve collected this data via research, and can see the results across sectors.  This strategy works for service type of businesses especially website designers and high-end coaches, and isn’t as effective for product type businesses. In fact, there is a decline in efficacy for product businesses, because the data shows that people don’t resonate with a product business trying to ‘teach them’ something.
And if this strategy doesn’t resonate with you, there are a million other ways to find clients.  In fact, we can find a customized strategy that resonates with you, your clients, and your way of being in the world online or offline to attract the desired results.”

That’s a strategy.

There’s a grand difference.

Tactics are the things you do.

It is the ground level ‘get stuff done’ mentality. The infantry.  The to do list.

Strategy, on the other hand, is the overarching framework the things you do work within. It is the sky level view, the why and how.  The ‘over there is a Lion, let’s go this way to avoid it’.

And the difference between the two comes from knowledge, research, and implementation knowing how tactics will effect the desired outcome.  Not just ‘I did this, and it can work for you too”. That’s where tactics fail.
And that isn’t to say the 5/6/7 figure tactics people are selling are bad, it’s just that they are incomplete.

Tactics without strategy are like having muscles with no ligaments, tendons, and bones to attach to.  It’s a pile of notion without the framework.

So here are three specific ways that implementing these tactics without a clear strategy is hurting you.


1.  Strategies are personal, Tactics Aren’t

Tactics are universal.  Post here.  Have a website. Twitter. Instagram. Do these 10 things.  These things are great if you understand why they matter in the scheme of your strategy.  Strategies are something that only you and a competent strategist can come up with, there is no course for that.  You and/or a strategist is the only human who can make it for you.

Strategies are personal.  And strategies cannot be sold bulk to everyone.  Strategies are not leverageable to the mass production scale.  But packaging tactics as strategy sure is.

But when you start to employ tactics that have worked for others, without a solid strategy behind it, it becomes problematics because…..


2.  Just because a tactic worked for ‘so and so’ before, doesn’t mean it will work again.

Remember when Facebook groups weren’t even a thing? Yeah.  I bet you do.

And they worked amazingly well for a long time.  In fact, many people went the FB group route as a main marketing tactic last year.  And yet….. they are starting to go the way of the dodo.  Engagement is down by 75% in some of the groups I hang out in (yes I have actually run numbers in the past six months).

Why?  Because…market saturation.  Too many, too much noise, no longer as effective.  And because everyone employed them as a TACTIC with no STRATEGY on how it would be effective marketing for their brand.

And there it will go.  Into the crapper.  The end.

Need a more visceral example?

Vietnam War.
We tried all the tactics we could, and strategically we couldn’t beat the guerrilla warfare tactics.  Because we weren’t as nimble as them, and they out smarted us with their strategy.  Our tactics sucked, and we didn’t switch our tactics to match the needed strategy to win.

Which brings us to….

3.  Tactics don’t always work across sectors/in different environments/with different people

Case in point?  A life coach isn’t going to achieve millions of dollars in sales by running a national ad campaign during the Superbowl, but Coca-Cola/Pepsi/Audi/Etc will.  Why?  Well…That level of advertising isn’t so much about sales as awareness and brand love.  Brand love and recognition is an awesome thing for brands at that size, but a personal brand won’t fare the same way.

The tactic of running a SuperBowl ad is strategic to their product/customer/etc.  Now, on the other hand…..A lot of these companies aren’t landing clients by random tweets.  But Twitter works great for customer service.

Service-based businesses can actually build a relationship on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  And a personal one at that.

Same tactics, different results, and strategies.  Because….

Strategy should Resonate with YOUR Business and Your Clients.

If you don’t love your tactics, you won’t love you business.  Strategy is emotional.  Strategy is about attraction.  Strategy is about implementing the things you love to do, and outsourcing the things you don’t.  If you don’t want to spend all your time on the internet.  You shouldn’t.  If you don’t want to list build, you don’t technically have to (until you do).

Business is personal.  And can be.  And should be.

Wrap up:

While strategies and tactics are both necessary for a business (ask any MBA, manager, corporate executive *coughmecough*), you can have great tactics and suck bucket strategy which results in….less than fantastic results.

You see…Strategy is the synthesis of data, knowledge, ability to read the market, and testing.  Strategy is the knowing of what works for a unique situation. Strategy is understanding.  Strategy is economics, marketing, cash flow, goals, and more all rolled into one.  A tactic, is just a thing that is the implementation of a strategy.  It is just the means to the end of a strategy.
Strategy is a word that gets thrown around like a rag doll.  It crops up everywhere.  I’m a ‘business strategist’.  I’m a ‘life strategist’.  Learn my strategies, this that and the next thing.  Strategy isn’t something that just crops up and you run with it.

Strategies are sought after.  Strategies are crafted.  Strategies aren’t in some book or course you read that you can copy. 

So perhaps you’ve tried someone else’s strategy for you.  Perhaps you’ve implemented every course from here to Timbuktu, and you’re still not getting results?  Maybe it’s time to find an educated, trained person who understands how businesses work in a multitude of ways, and not just how their own has functioned in the past.

Hire a strategist.  You’ll thank yourself later.

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