Why I am thankful for Location Independence and Entrepreneurship

I spent the better part of February holding vigil in the ICU.

The adventure (if you could call it that) started with a phone call from my mother, 5 minutes later I had a plane ticket. 10 hours later I was on an airplane. For 10 days I sat at her bedside, watching nurses make mistakes, begging doctor’s for answers.  Lucky for me and her, she pulled through after much cajoling.

On the worst day in the ICU, the day she could barely open her eyes, the one where the organ failure ravaged her system so deeply.  As I was leaving for the night I said “I’ll see you tomorrow”.  She shook her head, a definitive no.

I looked into her glassy eyes, and said “Don’t you dare say that.  I will see you tomorrow.”  She shook her head again.

So I made her a promise.  I told her “If you make it, I’ll spend all summer with you in Door County.”

The next day she came to.  And so here I have been, in Door County, for two months.  Away from my house, spouse, pups, and office.  And this is why I am so thankful for location independence. 


In 1930, my great grandmother bought 300 feet of lakefront in Door County Wisconsin. For nearly 10 years they camped or rented a cottage. Then 75 years ago, she built a house for her family.  And my own grandmother (I call her Oma) and I have spent a week together every summer my whole life.  Between the two of us, we have 100 years of Door County under our belts.  (Me, 28 summers.  Her, 85).

So this summer, we’re spending 8 weeks together.  On the lake.  On the land her mother bought, in cash, in 1930.  In her home she built in 1994 after our families outgrew the tiny cabin.  Now, we’re five generations strong on our family land.  One generation deceased, my Oma, my Mother & her cousins, myself and her cousins children, and now my generation has had it’s first child.  Hello generation 5.

So this summer I’m smelling sweet baby hair.  Cuddling a 5th generation Door County kiddo.  Enjoying lake views, relishing in time with the last of generation #2. Drinking local beer with artist friends I have cultivated over the years.  Spending time re-rooting with my oldest childhood friends and cousins.

And it is these moments where I am thankful I am an entrepreneur.  No matter what, as long as there is internet….I have a place to work.  A place to help you grow. And I get time with my family too.

Entrepreneurship has brought me freedom, time, space. And being an entrepreneur isn’t possible without you.  And for that I will be forever grateful.


P.S.  Why are you thankful for entrepreneurship?  What freedom has it offered you as a reward?  Tell me about it if you’d like.  I’ll visit the comments to say howdy.  Promise.

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