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strategies vs. tactics

Why 5/6/7 Figure “Strategies” Fail Your Business

In the world of online business, there are any number of courses one can take teaching you various ‘strategies’ for success. “Learn my 10 strategies for 6 figure success” “Learn my 3 step formula for 7 Figure Months” “Learn my unique 15 step funnel formula for wild success” Ad nauseam.   The problem with all […]

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honest business evolution

The Honest Evolution of a Business

AKA  “What the BLEEP was she thinking all these years?” See also:  2 years (in this iteration of coach/consultant/mentor), 5 programs, and a GAZILLION pricepoints later….   I started my business in 2013.  It was a rough year for me to be starting, but it was out of necessity.  I had just found out that […]

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action trumps everything

Action Trumps Everything

From September to December of this year I coached 104 women. For free. (This is not an advisable practice for the record, and I’ll likely never do it again. No matter how much fun I had…But that is a different post.). The ties that bind these 104 women, or at the very least 50% of […]

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sociopath business coach

Is Your Business/Life Coach a Sociopath?

For the past few weeks, the social fringes of the coaching world have started fraying among a small group of critically engaged, actively frustrated folks.  People with certifications, degrees, and abilities out the wazoo.  Engaged and enraged by the HEAPING TON of bullshit circulating the world of the interwebs, these smart coaches and professionals have […]

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scarcity sucks

Why I Gave Up Scarcity Marketing

Funny story, I almost posted this yesterday.  April 1st.  But this isn’t a joke, so I figured I’d wait.  Timing is everything after all…Carrying on… A few weeks back I wrote a ‘statement’ in my facebook community and made the declaration public in a number of other communities.  I had it.  I was ready.  I was […]

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