It’s not your Abundance Mentality, it’s your Crappy Copy (and 8 other reasons why your business is stuck)

Sometimes, the reason why you’re not making money has nothing to do with your abundance mentality.  Sure, making sure you’re in alignment with abundance, and willing (super duper willing) to accept abundant wealth and happiness matters.  It matters a whole ton.  But it might not be the only reason you’re not selling your services.

This is a common battle cry from coaches:  “You’re not making money because you’re not in alignment with an abundance mentality, it is your money blocks getting you down.”

Ok. Fine.  This is totally true.  And totally happens.  This was the story of my life last year.  So keep that at heart.


Every so often, the real reason why you’re not making money selling your coaching/writing/jewelry/herbal goodies/copywriting skillz/art/toilet paper roll wallets/etc might be for a different reason.  It just MIGHT be that you’re not doing the things you need to do to have a successful business.

So…Here is my list of 9 things you might be doing wrong in your business, and how to fix them.

No one is reading your website.

The Fix:  Do you ACTUALLY know that? Or do you just feel like no one is…The truth?  You should know.  I am always surprised when I ask a client about their traffic and they say “well I get a lot of comments?”.   You should KNOW how many people visit, and you should check it regularly.   If you don’t know, add Google Analytics to your site.  Right now.

You haven’t spent any time marketing your products or services.  Like nada.

The fix:  People don’t just stumble upon sites very often anymore.  They find out about them through referrals.  So in order to get found you need to get out there and talk about your stuff.  Now you might say “Ok but i don’t know how to?”  Well….

So you don’t know how to talk about your stuff, that is a problem.

The Fix:  Join Toastmasters (its free! And international!) to help you get better at talking to people, craft a short elevator pitch, and get ready to talk to folks.

You aren’t writing guest posts so your work and name isn’t showing up anywhere.

The Fix:  Start pitching guest posts, start writing your own posts too.  Make friends with other like-minded folks.

You have no way of personally driving traffic or selling things to people.  AKA you are sans an email list.

The Fix:  This means a lot of people aren’t seeing your stuff.  So, Start a list.  Build it carefully.  Join the 30 day list building challenge from Nathalie Lussier and get that stuff a’moving.   She’ll also help you with guest posts and google analytics.  Bonus.

You don’t know what is working (of the above) and what isn’t.

Google Analytics.  Just a friendly reminder.  (I’ll say it again.  ANALYTICS)  You can see where people are clicking from, how they are finding you, and so so much more.  It is a treasure trove of awesome.  Say you write a guest post on Elephant Journal, you should know if it spiked your web traffic.  Google Analytics will tell you that, and then you’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t.

You stopped working on updating your website in 1999, so it doesn’t read as professional

The Fix:  Get a squarespace, hire a designer, install a new template on wordpress.  Do something.  You don’t have to be a mega designer/coder to have a functional, beautiful site.

Your copy sucks, like mega blows.

Maybe it doesn’t suck.  Maybe you just feel like it sucks, that is a common problem with entrepreneurs.  Maybe you just need a reminder that a lot of people think their copy on their website sucks.  But it might not actually suck…

Oh.  You know it sucks?  Like know it sucks because you know your analytics and nothing is turning into sales?  Or you’ve gotten feedback that it isn’t very good?

Lordy, then fix it!  Writing is a skill, especially copywriting.  You can either hire a great copywriter (like Courtney Johnston) or you can take a copywriting course (Like Brandgasm)

Or maybe it really is your abundance mentality.  In that case, manifest some income and bust up those money blocks babe.  Life’s too short to not live your bliss.

Which of these tips can you work on to unstick your business today?

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