3 Beliefs that Make Me a Renegade in the Coaching World

Someone recently called me a renegade, and I thought that was hysterical.  I suddenly had this vision of myself in a Xena Warrior Princess battle outfit, shouting a shrill battle cry into the ether. I shared this vision, and we laughed outloud that maybe that SHOULD be my next press photo.

“That isn’t what I mean, I mean you’re different.  You haven’t taken these courses, you had a five figure launch with no mailing list, you’re one-on-one calls aren’t only about accountability and a laundry list of to-dos.  You’re just different.”

Well, call me a unicorn and color me a renegade.  I guess I am different. And you know what?  I am perfectly ok with that, at least today I am.

So what makes me so different?  Well, I firmly believe that you don’t need another coach or course (unless you want one), your income goal does not change your worth as a human, and coaching solely for accountability is bullshit.

1.  You don’t absolutely need to spend more money to grow your business, but it sure can help

There is a lot of talk in the coaching world that in order to step up your game you have to invest in yourself.  Hire a coach, pay for that e-course, join that mastermind. Does it help to up your game?  ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY.  When people hire me, they always say they up their game.  Money is energy, and yes it can help you.

Is it utterly necessary?  Hell to the no. I should buy into it too because it is a fabulous marketing tool.  But the reality is, that spending money on your business should feel GOOD.  Not like you were bullied into it.  And if it feels GOOD, then buy the suckers!  Hire the coach!  Hire that  fancy, expensive copywriter/designer/consultant if you feel like it.  Just make sure that you check in with yourself on the why. Investing in yourself and your business is so critical, but those investments don’t have to be cash investments.  (They can be self-care, a weekend off the computer, etc).

And remember, if you truly have no cash flow you CAN learn to do it yourself. Hustle.  Passion. Reaching out to people.  Following your heart.  All of that can get you places too.  Don’t feel that you are lacking because you can’t afford x program or y coach.  There is someone out there for you that you CAN afford.

You are enough.  Truly.

2.  Your business goal doesn’t have to be 6 or 7 figures in four hours a week

If that is your goal, AWESOME! Then go out there and GET IT! Make no excuses, and build your business to soaring heights. Doesn’t appeal? Learn to live life on your terms, don’t let someone else dictate your future or your goals with schmancy marketing.

If your goal is to make $25,000 a year on selling knick knacks on etsy and live in an earthship in the middle of nowhere, more power to you!  Remember, you can create any business model you so choose, and work it to make it function for you.  If you thrive on long hours, work them!  If you thrive on bursts and sprints, make that work.  Want a 6 figure income?  Build passive products.  Don’t want to create passive income? Don’t do it.  You control your destiny, not the hive mind of coaching.

3.  Coaching solely for accountability is bullshit

There.  I said it.  If the only thing your coach is leaving with you when you get off the phone with them is a laundry list of ‘stuff to do’, you might want to hire a new coach.  Coaches shouldn’t JUST give you a to do list, you should feel as if you have accomplished something during your session.  Psychology (of all stripes) actually notices that some models of coaching, especially those that say ‘here is what you need to do’, actually hinder growth (I won’t lie, I still fall into this pattern sometimes).  This laundry list approach stifles creativity, and can cause increased anxiety–especially in creative types.

So, can accountability help?  Sure can!  But a coach shouldn’t only be there for accountability.  You should also feel like you actually get something done on the call.  Either you bust down a block or at least make progress on it, or you complete a small task that you’ve been avoiding.


Your worth as a human has nothing to do with how many courses (or what courses) you have taken, which designer/copywriter/coach you’ve hired, or how much money you make. Your worth as a human is built on who you are, how to treat those around you, how you spend your time, and how you’ll be remembered for your time on earth.

So tell me, in the comments down there, what are YOU sick of hearing in the ‘build your online business’ coaching world?

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