The Power of Baby Steps

As a coach, I find myself constantly talking to clients who have Big, Astounding, Dreamfullfilling, Audacious, Serendipitous, Sexy* goals.  (Also known as BAD ASS goals)  They want to revolutionize the face of social media, or they want to craft a business that gives them a meager income that helps people, or they want to be a motivational speaker who is as popular at Daniel Pink, or they want to change the inherent systems of capitalism through their business.

The great thing about these goals?  Each and every last on of them is BAD ASS and truly makes their heart sing.  And yet, despite being totally and utterly on fire by their goals, so many of my clients/friends/loved ones are stuck.

Maybe they don’t know where to start, or they feel overwhelmed by the bigness, or they just can’t figure out what the next step is.

All my introductory coaching call starts with a “So Makenna!  I have this huge thing I want to do!”  or “Makenna, I want to help this type of person”.  Then there is a silence.

My first question back is always:  “Well, what have you done to make this happen?”

My guess is that the responses won’t surprise you.  98% of the time the response is  “Done? What do you mean, what have I done?  I don’t even have a plan yet”.

So what do you think I tell my clients to do?

DO SOMETHING!  ANYTHING!  Take an ACTIONABLE step towards that goal. Any step.  It doesn’t matter how small. But it has to be something we can measure.  Create the facebook page, but don’t publish it.  Write the blog post.  Create the email address you’ll use. Write up the 1st month business plan.  Write your 10 year vision.  Anything.  And I mean anything goes.


3 Steps for turning BAD ASS goals into Realities

1.  A Baby Step is a Step in the Right Direction

This notion of baby steps is so very important.  This first step of moving towards what you are working on starts a change reaction.  You, as a human, are prone to staying the same.  Resisting change.  That includes trying to push forward on your BAD ASS goals.  If you are just thinking, you’ll stay just thinking.

Taking that first step transfers your inertia of stucked-ness into inertia of momentum. (Did you know inertia is a dichotomy?  Sure is!)  Once you’ve started, it will be hard to stop you, a reaction has started.   You’ve turned potential into kinetic energy which in turn creates momentum. If you are just mulling over your idea silently, you are just sitting in a perpetual state of potential, you haven’t turned that potential into anything yet!

2.  Breaking Things into Baby Steps Makes it Actionable…A BAD ASS goal is sometimes overwhelming

Having a BAD ASS goal is awesome, but sometimes you need to break it down into many baby steps.  For example if your goal is “Buying a House”, you naturally break that goal into small baby steps.  1.  Find a neighborhood you like.  2.  Pick price point.  3.  Find houses you like.  4. Visit them.  5.  Choose a house.  6.  Finance said house.  This is utterly and completely natural for us to do, but when our goals have gravitas for us, we tend to freeze.

So next time you see a BAD ASS goal in your future, figure out how to break down the goal into baby steps.  Because chances are they exist…

3.  Sometimes You Need to Pivot

I had a client a few weeks back that just knows she wants to write a novel. She even knows what she wants to write about.  We created a plan for her to do so. But every time she started to write a chapter outline of the novel she gets stuck right around chapter 7.  So I told her to “just start writing”.

“But my first baby step was a chapter outline!”

“Well that is ok!  Just write! When you are ready to write the rest of the outline, then you will!”

And what do you think she did?  She wrote, and wrote until she got stuck because the story didn’t flow.  Then she wrote an outline.

A novel was a BAD ASS goal, and now just a few weeks later she is far closer to her goal.

So to recap:

Break BAD ASS goals into baby steps and do them, even tiny ones can help you move yourself in the right direction.  When you get stuck, pivot.  Momentum is key.

Need help with a BAD ASS goal?  Check out my COACHING page to find out how to work with me.

Want to share a BAD ASS goal you have?  An experience where you tried some of these methods and it worked?  Would love to hear form you.

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