Sell with Soul, Don’t be a Bully


You don’t need to bully people into buying from you. Your job isn’t to convince them they need you. They may or may not need you.  And you have zero place as a coach or service provider to make that decision for them.  They need to make that decision themselves.

Does that mean you can’t SELL?  Not a chance.

When on a sales call, the reality is they already want what you have.  And your only job is to shine your light. Share from the heart. And pitch them how you can support them.

Jesse Elder always says “Be a Lighthouse. Not a tugboat.” Draw them in. Share your gifts.  Don’t force them in.  DRAW them in.

And….Never. Ever.  Bully, manipulate, attempt to control, cajole, or beg. Don’t be the sales person who uses pain and current suffering to draw in clients. Grasping energy doesn’t feel good. Even if you DO close the sale, it’s not a clean energy.  And that creates a dynamic that no one wants to be engaged within.  (Even you).


Shine your light. People will buy what they want. And if they want you? You won’t have to convince them they need you. They already know they want you. All you have to do is position yourself as being able to support the growth they want.

Does this tactic make your sales numbers lower? Potentially. But it is fabulously RIFE with alignment and kindness. And has a much better energetic resonance.

Sell from the heart. Sell from a place of compassion.  And for goodness sakes, sell with integrity.

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  • “Hire Makenna to speak at your event, if you want your audience to have prompts to look deeper into themselves and the ways of operating that are not serving themselves or the greater good + someone who is honest and real.”

    — Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist
  • “Makenna knows how to orchestrate an event. This was a mother effin symphony. Every detail, every moment, every speaker, (did I mention the massages during check-in?!), filled with intention. I felt so taken care of. This is a mandatory event for my business. I will attend as long as she’s keen on hosting them!”

    — Lindsay Padilla, Academics Mean Business