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sell with soul don't bully

Sell with Soul, Don’t be a Bully

DON’T BE A SALES BULLY You don’t need to bully people into buying from you. Your job isn’t to convince them they need you. They may or may not need you.  And you have zero place as a coach or service provider to make that decision for them.  They need to make that decision themselves. […]

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sociopath business coach

Is Your Business/Life Coach a Sociopath?

For the past few weeks, the social fringes of the coaching world have started fraying among a small group of critically engaged, actively frustrated folks.  People with certifications, degrees, and abilities out the wazoo.  Engaged and enraged by the HEAPING TON of bullshit circulating the world of the interwebs, these smart coaches and professionals have […]

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scarcity sucks

Why I Gave Up Scarcity Marketing

Funny story, I almost posted this yesterday.  April 1st.  But this isn’t a joke, so I figured I’d wait.  Timing is everything after all…Carrying on… A few weeks back I wrote a ‘statement’ in my facebook community and made the declaration public in a number of other communities.  I had it.  I was ready.  I was […]

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retire busy

Why we should retire the word “Busy”

Every so often, I’ll receive an email from a potential client or a current client that says “I know you are so busy, but…” And you know what?  It drives me absolutely BONKERS. Here’s the thing.  I LOVE getting emails, I just HATE when they start with “sorry I know you’re busy”.  This does three […]

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lowering the veil

Lowering the Veil

So much of the internet world presents their world in a perpetual state of light, a string of perfect moments linked together on a blog, not a shred of darkness to be found.  And so often people follow blogs because the owner seems to be perfect, it is a window into the perfect, a window […]

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