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2014 year in review

For Better or For Worse: A 2014 in review

I’ve never done a year in review post before.  Mostly because…I’ve never had a year to review for my business!  This is officially the first, full year I’ve been around the interwebs as a business strategist and coach.  And the truth is?  I wasn’t planning on doing one. But I figured since 2014 was my […]

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business planning not enough

Business Planning is not enough for your success

If you’re new around these parts, you probably don’t know that I have a tendency to balk at conventional online business practices.  And that I find most online marketing (no matter how effective) to be a form of sleaseball tango. As such, I write a lot about slaying the conventional wisdom.  So if you’re new, […]

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just say yes

Just say “Yes!” :: A choose your own adventure story

Ever had a moment when you’re at an impasse between ‘to send/launch/ask/apply/’ or ‘not to send/launch/ask/apply’? In that moment, sweat trickles down your neck. You think you’re ready to hit ‘publish’, or ‘launch’, or ‘tweet’ and you freeze.  Finger hovers over the ‘return’ key. Your heart races.  “What if this could be THE thing that […]

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redefining success

Redefining Success :: Is money all there is?

About six months ago, I wrote the title to this post.  Hid it into my ‘draft folder’ and ignored it.  I wrote it after a conversation with a client who nearly threw her phone across the room because she was so sick of being told that she’ll never be ‘successful’ with her business. I asked […]

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retire busy

Why we should retire the word “Busy”

Every so often, I’ll receive an email from a potential client or a current client that says “I know you are so busy, but…” And you know what?  It drives me absolutely BONKERS. Here’s the thing.  I LOVE getting emails, I just HATE when they start with “sorry I know you’re busy”.  This does three […]

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scared of failure act anyway

Scared of failure? Act anyway

Well over a decade ago, little Makenna was a junior in high school and was thrilled to high heaven to audition for the ‘fancy pants choir’ that was considered the elite of the elite in high school choir-dom.  It was a long, drawn out process to even audition.  There was the informational meeting that you […]

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